The Natural FaceLift

Tidal Wave-YouNique Distributor since 2004 
YouNique – A Non-surgical Natural Face Lift by Tidal Wave 

The YouNique Natural Facelift, By Tidal Wave
“Nature’s Face Lift”
Results unheard of in the industry!
Lose 10 years in 90-day Program – as on TV!
The You-Nique Natural Facelift was tested against other products and judged“most effective” non-surgical face lift product on CBS TV and FOX News.
“I watched the years disappear before my eyes” Gatha Crowson
Younique Natural Facelift 

SAVE – U.S. and Canada 

List $59.95. Our price 1-month 5oz tube 

Formulator Dr. Dusty Dean
International Award Winning Formulator
Dr. Dusty Dean, formulator of the famous YouNique Natural Facelift, Nature’s Facelift, won “Most Innovative Products” at the International Skin care, Beauty & Health Exposition in Anaheim, California two separate years. It is still unmatched in the industry. (1997 and 2000)

About YouNique Natural Facelift
YouNique is natural (not temporary), cumulative, painless, and inexpensive.And YouNique is a home face lift product also used in salons.
Recommended by Aestheticians. Dermatologist approved.
The YouNique no surgery face lift program is a 90-day program. Each tube is a one-month supply. Take a photo before you start. Then use every other day per the video for 90 days. Continue until results stay the same. Then go to maintenance once or twice a week.
YouNique Non surgical Facelift
Home Treatment Instructions

Brief instructions:
 First use allow time to apply to only 1/2 the face to see first changes which are only a hint of what is to come.
Finger method. Squeeze some of the YouNique Natural FaceLift cream on your fingers and wet with water to thin so it glides on your skin. Apply in an up and out direction – rather thickly – starting at the base of the neck.Make a chin strap, back and forth from ear to ear. Apply to the under eye area to treat any bagging. Do not apply to the eyelids. Apply from the eyebrows up to the hairline.
Lie down so as not to fight gravity for 20-30 minutes while the product forms a mask. Try not to let the mask crack by smiling or talking. It should form a firm mask. Then rinse off with warm water and, if desired, a little cleansing cream. Do not pull on skin. Professional Application video
Click here to see application video

More Results – You Nique Natural Face LiftAs seen on TV
As written about In Readers Digest, March 2008 issue Pg 104

Joan before The YouNique Natural Facelift, a non-surgical face lift product.Joan after 5 months using YouNique
Natural Facelift by Tidal Wave & Youngevity
Joan before-after 5 mos. Sagging went

Blanche is 78 years young and has been using the Natural Facelift since 2004.
Natural Facelift Ingredients
Stabilized Aloe Barbadensis Gel, Acacia, Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Purified Water, Chondrus Crispus (Carageenan), Lemon Extract (And) Hops Extract (And) Pine Needle Extract, Horsetail Extract (And) Rosemary Extract, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Seed Oil, Silk Amino Acids, Polysorbate-80, Titanium Dioxide, Tea-Laurel Sulfate,Diazolidinyl Urea,Tetrasodium EDTA

What our Customers are saying
“I saw my friend who I hadn’t seen in six months. I couldn’t believe it! She looked ten years younger than the last time I saw her. She said she was using The Younique products regularly, especially the Natural Facelift, our non-surgical face lift product.” Sue R. Austin TX
Just a little note to tell you how much I love The Natural Face Lift. I have bought the Facial Flex, Home Lasers, The Home Light Therapy, every cream under the sun, and finally Botox….after my second trip to the plastic surgeon I ordered my “Natural Facelift” , your non-surgical face lift. Well I was due for my third Botox shot and I cancelled it. I get better results with your product. With the Botox my forehead looked good but I started to develop wrinkles around my eyes. …. Your product tightens my neck, jaw line, cheeks and forehead and you still look natural. I also bought the firming gel which is a great compliment to the mask. I am turning 40 and will continue to use your product forever!!! Again thank you for a non-surgical,natural alternative…Dawn S. NJYOUNIQUE NATURAL FACELIFT WORKED: IS 74, LOOKS IN 50’S
“I am an woman of color and the YouNique Natural Facelift, your non surgical facelift product, worked for me. I am 74 and everyone thinks that I am in my fifties.” M. T., TN

“I must tell you I was so amazed at the results. For the last 3 months I’ve been going to the dermatologist for acne and scarring. Well,..with The Younique Natural Facelift the pimples started clearing up immediately without the burning and irritation I had been getting from the prescription creams that cost over 450.00.” P.S., IllinoisIMPROVEMENT AMAZING
“Thank you so much for your response.  This is my 4th week of product use and theimprovement is amazing.  I have really noticed a new elasticity to my skin. YIPPEE!!!! ” Cheri F.

You*Nique is Proven to work before millions on TV.
Tidal Wave’s The YouNique Natural Facelift, also called Nature’s Facelift, was seen by millions on FOX, NBC and CBS TV as “News”. This formula is used in many salons.
How The Natural Face Lift by Tidal Wave anti-ages.
The Natural Facelift tones, tightens, firms.Nature’s Nonsurgical Face Lift, YouNique Natural FaceLift,  is made with natural pharmaceutical grade ingredients and special enzymes and requires no mixing. It:
  1. Stimulates the nerve endings, activating the muscles, restoring firmness and giving a more sculpted appearance.
  2. Promotes collagen growth by fortifying the collagen matrix.
  3. Incites the production of acetycholine, the chemical used by the body to ctivate muscular activity.
By fortifying the collagen matrix as well as toning and firming the muscles of your face, you will see immediate visible results that are cumulative. First use, apply to only one side of your face.

   YouNique Non surgical Facelift
Home Treatment InstructionsHow Often to Use

Apply The Younique Natural FaceLift, our revolutionary non surgical facelift, 3-4 times a week. Improvement seen with the first application that is only a hint of the cumulative results. After 90 days, reduce applications to maintenance – once or twice a week per your mirror.

Brief instructions: First use allow time to apply to only 1/2 the face to see first changes which are only a hint of what is to come.
Finger method. Squeeze some of the YouNique Natural FaceLift cream on your fingers and wet with water to thin so it glides on your skin. Apply in an up and out direction – rather thickly – starting at the base of the neck.Make a chin strap, back and forth from ear to ear. Apply to the under eye area to treat any bagging.Do not apply to the eyelids. Apply from the eyebrows up to the hairline.
Lie down so as not to fight gravity for 20-30 minutes while the product forms a mask. Try not to let the mask crack by smiling or talking. It should form a firm mask. Then rinse off with warm water and, if desired, a little cleansing cream. Do not pull on skin.

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